Auditions will take place for our new production of 'Oedipus: The Reason of Tiresias

in THE BARRON THEATRE, North St, St Andrews

on Fri 12th March, 6pm-9pm
and Mon 15th March, 5pm-7pm

Open to all members of the community.
We look forward to seeing you there!


Theatre Odyssey has been promoting the wonderful worlds of Greece and Rome through all the arts since 2000. We are finding more and more that schools are closing down Classics departments, people don't know what Classics is, the teaching of Latin and Greek is in decline, and there is a need for people to learn from history more than ever.

To commemorate Theatre Odyssey's tenth anniversary we want LOADS OF STUFF to happen throughout 2010, helping promote Classics and artistic expression!

If you agree that something needs to be done about the state of Classics in the UK (and worldwide!), then...




What can't you do? Try organising an arts event in your area, however small, to help raise awareness. Feel free to use the image on this page in promoting your event, then email us at with details of your event, images or videos too. We'll gladly and gratefully publish details of your event on this page!

The list of potential arts activities you might try are endless. The only rule is that it must have SOME Classical basis, however tenuous! Here's some ideas:
  • A public reading of a Classical work (play, poetry, philosophy?) Why not try somewhere people would be anyway like the pub?
  • Paint a picture based on a Classical myth
  • Classically-based photography is always interesting
  • Write a poem, story, or play with some Classical influence
  • Organise a school play if you're a teacher
  • Try a Classical craft, like pottery? Why not make your own kylix?
  • A production of a play
  • Storytelling in your local area
  • Into crafts? Try crocheting or knitting a Classical scene
  • Make a collage based on a visit to Greece or Rome
  • Something else...
Think about how you will get your work seen by other people? Or do you just want to post it on
No matter how small your project is, it just might make someone think about Classics, and that's what we're all about!
GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT! We're looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour!