A couple of followers on Twitter have wondered how I make my Christmas wreath, so here's my instructions... I think it's a pretty nice relaxing thing to do for Christmas and have done this for a number of years. I can't imagine buying a wreath, and although I might not be too good at it per se, it does make a more rustic and enjoyable start to Christmastime! Here's how it's done:

Branches from the bottom of a Christmas Tree, Scissors, String, ribbons/tinsel/holly/baubles/whatever you want on the thing!

- Start by cutting off some branches from the bottom of your Christmas tree, or ask at a local farm selling trees for ofcuts. They just burn them otherwise.
- Taking the cut end of the first branch, try weaving in your second branch, just by twisting round the first branch. Try to use branches that aren't too thick, and aren't too thin, and that are all about the same thickness so that you don't get a bulge in your circle.
- Add your 2nd, 3rd, 4th branches, or however many it takes until you can join the ends easily, and weave the last branch into the others to make a circle.
- Aiming for the cut ends, bind the branches with string, tying as tightly as you can to maintain the circular shape as best as you can.
- There are always areas of the circle that look less leafy and full than others. Keep back some smaller branches to weave into the balder areas (I hate using that word - makes me self-conscious! ;-) )
Once you have your wreath structurally safe, by using nothing other than the branches themselves and a bit of sring (all those plastic moulding things, though easier, are less enjoyable and totally unnecessary), start adding your decorations. My wreath has a couple of wee baubles on it, some tinsel, gold beads, and a couple of bits of artificial holly from the attic!
- Using string, make a loop and feed the string through the loop, around the top of your wreath. Use this string to hang your wreath over your door, and then that's it! Spreading the festive cheer!

Good luck! And Merry Christmas!

JT x
Hi all,

I have been remiss in my blogging of late so thought I'd best let you know how things are going with Theatre Odyssey.

The rehearsed readings of Grecologues were great fun, and highlighted some things we could go on working on. They were well received by the audience, who were a mixture of students and townsfolk from St Andrews. Huge thanks were due to Malia Appleford and her friends in Chicago who put together and recorded the Newsreader segments and sent them over to us in Scotland. This was a huge success and broadcasting these Grecologues made it clear that fighting to save Classics is a worldwide endeavour.

Other Grecologues also went well, and in particular I really was taken aback by Tiresias, played by Harry Gooch. I have decided on the back of this to do more with the Tiresias character, who was portrayed here as a hermaphroditical receptionist for a plastic surgeon's office. It sounds ridiculous and funny, and in many ways it was, but this prophetic character telling us his/her story while trying desperately NOT to drink from a water bottle, knowing that to do so will ultimately result in death, was deeply tragic, and that took my by surprise. We're looking at trying to adapt this into a one man play. More on this anon.

Before I do that though, I'm about to start working on a modernised adaptation of Oedipus Rex, set in an office environment. It will take a fair bit of work, but the intention is that we work on hosting an open reading of this by April, with a view to a full production happening in October 2010. Wish us luck!