It's been a while since last I blogged anything much at all.
Over the summer we had some lovely audience members watch our show of Cretan Myths - much more in a storytelling style and in the wonderful setting of the cave of St Fillan in Pittenweem at the Pittenwem Arts Festival. Take a look at Past productions and Galleries on this website for pictures.
Very soon, in a couple of weeks we're also doing a new version of Theseus and the Minotaur for the St Monans Community Arts festival (I hope they get better weather than the pouring rain we have here today in St Andrews). We're doing two performances, and I am excited. The music is written by Brian Craib for his children, Hannah, on electric violin, and Andy, on electric double bass. Should be great fun and we're looking forward to two morning performances. Find out more at Coming Soon section on the website. 
Take care, one and all!

Hi all,

Just an update to let you know I've been rewriting the One Man Odyssey (I know I said I wouldn't but have decided to anyway) and am quite excited about doing it again. Especially for those of you who didn't see it eight years ago!!!
This production is going to reflect my view of the story more this time, and will have a folkier feel, including a little bit of live music now... fun fun fun!!!

There are also new dates as we're doing this show as part of the St Andrews Inside Out festival. I'll be performing the show from 30th July to 1st August (Acts 1 to 3 on consecutive days) at the Castle Sands in St Andrews.

JT x


Well some of you might be wondering why on my Twitter it was clear that I went to Windsor on Wednesday. I'm not going to tell you. I just feel like keeping you on tenterhooks.
What I do want to mention though is that I flew in and out of Terminal 5. How deeply concerning that was. I HATE the iris scanning system they have there now, and the white sterile environment makes you feel, as officials bark orders at you to take off your shoes, jackets and belts, that you are probably a criminal before you even begin. Protection of the country and all that, but really - is this all necessary?
When I got through the stringent security, having been frisked but an enormous security guard, I found millions of multi-national shops, a branch of Harrods bigger than Harrods itself, and an HMV that had only a small selection of CDs, as there was a download centre in the corner.  Fair enough, but some of us LIKE buying the real CD, and having the physical disk.
Really, we are becoming too de-localised. What would Sophocles make of this? What comment would Euripides make on our depersonalised society with its worrying deterioration of friendliness?
At least I got a soggy salad on the plane... good old BA. They made up for the lack of tea with the Queen, who sadly wasn't in when I called.