It's been a while since last I blogged anything much at all.
Over the summer we had some lovely audience members watch our show of Cretan Myths - much more in a storytelling style and in the wonderful setting of the cave of St Fillan in Pittenweem at the Pittenwem Arts Festival. Take a look at Past productions and Galleries on this website for pictures.
Very soon, in a couple of weeks we're also doing a new version of Theseus and the Minotaur for the St Monans Community Arts festival (I hope they get better weather than the pouring rain we have here today in St Andrews). We're doing two performances, and I am excited. The music is written by Brian Craib for his children, Hannah, on electric violin, and Andy, on electric double bass. Should be great fun and we're looking forward to two morning performances. Find out more at Coming Soon section on the website. 
Take care, one and all!
Auditions will take place for our new production of 'Oedipus: The Reason of Tiresias

in THE BARRON THEATRE, North St, St Andrews

on Fri 12th March, 6pm-9pm
and Mon 15th March, 5pm-7pm

Open to all members of the community.
We look forward to seeing you there!


Hi all,

I have been remiss in my blogging of late so thought I'd best let you know how things are going with Theatre Odyssey.

The rehearsed readings of Grecologues were great fun, and highlighted some things we could go on working on. They were well received by the audience, who were a mixture of students and townsfolk from St Andrews. Huge thanks were due to Malia Appleford and her friends in Chicago who put together and recorded the Newsreader segments and sent them over to us in Scotland. This was a huge success and broadcasting these Grecologues made it clear that fighting to save Classics is a worldwide endeavour.

Other Grecologues also went well, and in particular I really was taken aback by Tiresias, played by Harry Gooch. I have decided on the back of this to do more with the Tiresias character, who was portrayed here as a hermaphroditical receptionist for a plastic surgeon's office. It sounds ridiculous and funny, and in many ways it was, but this prophetic character telling us his/her story while trying desperately NOT to drink from a water bottle, knowing that to do so will ultimately result in death, was deeply tragic, and that took my by surprise. We're looking at trying to adapt this into a one man play. More on this anon.

Before I do that though, I'm about to start working on a modernised adaptation of Oedipus Rex, set in an office environment. It will take a fair bit of work, but the intention is that we work on hosting an open reading of this by April, with a view to a full production happening in October 2010. Wish us luck!