Well, they havn't disappointed me with their music. This is an AWESOME song.

But I did hear them interviewed on Radio 1 about the song, and they were going on about the story of the Odyssey, and how Odysseus (Ulysees, Latinised) got lost on his way back from the Trojan War (all true), but thought 'Hey, you know what, since I'm lost, I might as well enjoy it!'

This completely missed the point, Franz Ferdinand. He does NOT enjoy himself (even while being seduced by various goddesses - a tough life, one might think). Instead, Odysseus / Ulysses spends his whole 10 year journey back home weeping. His men weep continually, and so does he. He weeps sitting by the sea on Kalypso's island because he misses his home, his family and his wife. He weeps with Alkinoos on Scherie because he can't bring himself to tell his tale...

An interesting interpretation (and I am one for interpreting Classics in a modern and funky way), but please, tell people it's your interpretation, and make sure that you get your facts a wee bit right lads, would you?

What happened to me? I never used to be as picky and pretentious as this - perhaps it's old age...

JT x

3/15/2009 05:34:29 am

And yes, before anyone tells me, I do know how to spell 'Ulysses'! :-)

3/15/2009 08:45:44 am

Actually not sure what to put here, but i was instructed to join in with the blogging so my comment is.....

very good, carry on!




3/31/2009 08:53:17 pm

Well I have now bought the new album: really very good, but perhaps a bit too arty-experimental at times for even me!



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