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26th Feb 2009 - John J. Taylor, Artistic Director / Chair

Well, this is the first blog for Theatre Odyssey! Currently things are very busy with readthroughs and rehearsals starting for 'Frogs' in April, and with preparations for 'The Grecologues' in April and May. I have been working on finding venues in Glasgow for the Grecologues, which will likely be one of the more unusual productions Theatre Odyssey have ever produced. Should be fun...! JT x

2/27/2009 05:36:09 pm

just testing...

2/27/2009 05:46:35 pm

Hey :D Great job with the new site!

Less laggy and more interactive with this thingy here!

Kim been busy then!

2/27/2009 06:11:05 pm

Well not particularly - all done on weebly so very easy!

Thanks for the comments!

JT x


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